Compellingly , magically Isla del Fuego!

Intriguing, enchanting and mystical…

These words commonly surfaces when they hear the island of Siquijor. Many people have associated this island with witchcraft and sorcery. It had been a talk of the town since it was known to the public such infamous reputation.  And to see a stupefied expressions, every time I stumbled upon a friend of mine and  shared my plan of traveling to this place. It’s really quite awkward!

But it never akin me aback from going there. In fact, it triggered me to even go further. It’s sounds like an adventure  time for me!

Little did I know, I am now sailing towards the port of Larena. My start off point is the City of Gentle People,Dumaguete .  If you like, you also have a direct fast craft trip from the metropolis of Cebu to Siquijor, though. Anyway, it was a lovely quarter of an hour cruising under the radiating sun with the clear blue sky, perfect for a day of exploration and adventure. Normally, it would take a quarter to an hour depending on the situation. The day is young at 11.

So, upon disembarking from the fast craft, the clear blue waters welcomed you together with a cool breeze of wind as I hurriedly getting my way out of the port despite the long ques of fellow tourist, students, businessmen and some town folks.  Luckily, I found my way out smoothly and shifty.

Then, I have finally set foot on the mystical island of Siquijor. As I was walking along the pavement of the port, my eyes met a colorful signage that say, Welcome to Isla del Fuego. It tickles my imagination and puzzles my mind as well guessing it’s meaning. Before I waste my time, trying to figure out its meaning, I first need to look for my means in wandering the island. Instantly, just outside the port proper there are allot of  pedicab drivers eagerly waiting for prospect customer. Looks like I am their answered prayer. *laughs There is one guy named, Kuya Rolly with an amiable and sheepish grin on his face, approach me and offered me his service  to tour me with his motorcycle for a sky soar high price. II protested,  think it far too expensive for me so I have used my charm and hypnotism (just kidding) my charismatic personality to haggling a compromised price. Finally, after a long deliberation process, he can’t resists my tempting offer and finally said “YES!”

Generally Kuya Rolly is a good travel buddy. My initial impression on his, he as a warm  smile, hospitable and soft spoken (with strong vernacular accent)  which are very evident. Mind you, he can also be a good photographer. 🙂

Get your bags and fasten your seat belt as we now, begin our adventure. yiy!

Lazi convent, biggest and oldest in Asia.
Lazi convent, biggest and oldest in Asia.

Our first stop over is the  Asia oldest and largest convent and Church. Nestled in the luscious emerald leaves of Acacia tree. Two proud edifice of the past, continue to enshrine the wonder of the rich yesteryear that dates back a hundred years ago. Showcasing the Filipino artisans, took the spotlight with sea boulders and hard wood as main materials used unlike the others which are made of coral lime stones. 

St. Isidore The Farmer Church of Lazi
St. Isidore The Farmer Church of Lazi

  On the other hand,  the Lazi convent was built in 1887 – with an area that spans 42 by 32 meters, it is one of the biggest and oldest in Asia.  Presenting : St. Isidore The Farmer Church of Lazi and Convent on the opposite side. 

We continue to roam around the island, we make a quick stop over. In this natural cool spring  swimming pool in the town of San Juan named Capilay Spring Park . During my visit it was flocked by locals from the different walks of life to beat off the heat. Judging on their beaming smile. Without question, the happiness this natural pool is providing. 

Capilay spring park.
Capilay spring park.

Master Ryo (MR) says: It’s a open for the public, no charge such a great penny saver!

100 year old Balete tree. Photo from:
Centuries old Balete tree. Photo from:

After a few turn and stops of the unwinding and fascinating vista of the country side of the island, the iconic century old Balete tree (Ficus stipulosa Miq. Linn.)  . We have reached another must visit in this island. The most recognizable  local urban legend icon.

Under the colossal tree is a spring that is believe that to be enchanting, to have a fresh water that sprung out from the roots of the tree. As I have seen it in my naked eyes, it was azure blue in the deep roots of the tree.


Bonding time with Doctor Fish.
Bonding time with Doctor Fish.

       An additional, attract in this site is the scientifically named  Garra rufa or more popularly know as Doctor fish . These school of fish suck and gently nibble away at dry and dead skin. The end result is said to leave your feet feeling refreshed. Such a delight to have a natural foot massage. 

Enchantingly relaxing.

MR says: It’s  another free of charge destination,  just a little donation is ask for the maintenance of the area.

We hit off the road again, took a quality time taking some photos along road. This photo below is a good example of a great vista of the island. I just forgot the name of this exact place, all I can remember Kuya Rolly told me, this is said to be a “crocodile view.” I speculated because of the view is seen like the foreground is the powdery white coastal cove of the island while seeing horizontally the emerald to peridot hues of the tree that creates a picturesque image below.

The crocodiles view.
The crocodiles view.

MR says Keep your eyes on a look out, actually every now and then some picture perfect spots comes out of the blue. So, have your cameras ready to have that moment captured.

After that one, we headed for a wet and splashy stop over. The famed 3 cascading waterfalls of Cambugahay Falls. Upon reaching the site, even from a far, you can hear the roaring and inviting sounds of the falls. You just have to trail down about a hundred and thirty five steps before reaching the ravishing of the first level. There I have found there what they called , “the Tarzan swing”.  It was basically a twig from certain kind of tree that serves as a natural rope to cling on by every visitor.Take a grip hold on that natural twig. Aim your mark, by taking a step backward then swing in full speed. Then, in a fraction of second, dropping into the water with a splash. This picture says it all.


cam00356MR says:  Looks maybe deceiving as the care taker friendly reminder goes. As the water gets greener it means a gets deeper.So be cautions in every action! Is is also free of charge, you only have to shed out some peso for the parking fee ranging 15 – 30 peso.


It’s now starting to be dusky, I can start seeing some sangria and tangerine rays tainted across the vast velvety clouds in the sky, signs the approaching the days end. I told Kuya Rolly, I wanted to catch the sunset in one the beautiful beach in the island, Salagdoong beach. It is located in the town of Maria such name resounds the picture of the Immaculate Mother of Christ is also reflected in this sugar powdery pearl white resort divinely perfect! The sea is clear turquoise to cobalt making it possible for one to sea the bed. Looking at the ocean in higher altitude is strikingly stunning!


CAM00409MR says: This have your sunblock ready if you intend to go here in a broad light because it’s too enticing to resets and also prepare beforehand some meager amount for a minimal fee of 10 pesos. 

Just before the sun kiss the shore, the question that had stirred me earlier,  which in fact I almost forgot because of the mind blowing scenery. Pop out again, this time I have got the guts to ask, Kuya Rolly. What does “Isla del Fuego” mean, it was like a movie scene as I lean a little closer to listen to his explanation, spontaneously and gradually some glittery green lights ascending out of nowhere, floating in between the trees from where are standing, and Kuya pointed to the fire flies, he said in a calm deep voice, “Isla del Fuego”  literal meaning is the island of fire,  during the Spanish colonization, Siquijor from afar seeing from the coast of Dumaguete seems the island emits a fiery lights at a clear night from these fireflies.Then, it is said, there more that a thousands of fireflies are flying all over the coast of the island as if they act as guardians at night. That’s why, everyone thought this island is under a fire.  Suddenly, felt a goosebumps! Oohhh… I guess it had been a long day for me.


Hesitantly,  I have to interrupted Kuya from story telling  though its bewildering  and fascinating to hear. Simply, I got worried, I am  exhausted and wanted to pamper myself with a warm and comfortable bed to lay on. Excitedly, my tour guide slash driver slash photographer gladly took me to my resort.  So we bade our farewells and gratitude with to travel buddy, I gave him a generous amount of tips for his gracious service to me. 🙂


As I am making this blog article, one realization hit me big time, more than the misleading and condescending hear says that envelops and tainted the reputation of this truly wonderful island from the sorcery, it is this all natural beauty of the island that made this island a mystically perfect! 



Thanks for reading. Until my next travel then. ~~


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