October and an Opulent month

Days are running fast these day with a shorter day and longer night phenomenon are coming to took off anytime.

October in some parts of the world is the month of Autumn, a wonderful season to enjoy and savory the beautiful transition of this melodramatic month. Witness the colorful metamorphosis of the leaves turns into wonderful hues of tangerines, crimson into a mouth watering mocha.

Unfortunately in this part of the world, in  my humble country Philippines. This marks the start of the cool breezes from the cold hemisphere to enveloped my dear country . Also, at times it bring some rain showers.

However, there are more reason to celebrate during this month than to frown and feel blue.

First, its commence the Oktoberfest. A lively nights with some bottles of beers sold at a bargain price paired with some of the country’s coolest band. People will really have good time round the clock this time of the year.

Second, its part of the BER months. In the Philippines, the moment the calendar flips the months that hits the months of ending in BER you can already start to some Christmas carols in malls, in each houses or just anywhere and kids might be singing it in sidewalks or gone inside the jeep to ask for some ams.

Third, the Pink month. This is basically the Breast Cancer awareness month dedicated for the breast cancer survivors, victims and struggling woman. Some of the famous building around the metropolis changed their lights at night into pink to show support for instance we have the Capitol building, the city Museum, UP Cebu building and many others.

Fourth, this month is also significant to our Muslim brothers and sisters. As they celebrate their feast of sacrifice.  A solemn celebration that had been observed as a national holiday in the Philippines.

Fifth,  I have a long list of celebrants this month starting off with my very own and dear best friend in Leyte and a whole lot more to mention! *peace

Sixth, October is also the European film festival and Korean Culture month so ALL ACCESS movies are waiting and some cultural exhibitions in majors are catered in the city.

Seventh,  the Negrenses festivals. Negros island on both side of the island Oriental and Occidental , Dumaguete and Bacolod City as province city capitals, respectively holds its annual festivals Dumaguete has its own ” Buglasan Festival” a showcase of culture, craft and culinary of the different cities and municipalities of Oriental Negros on the other hand Bacolod has it’s ” Mascara Festival” features the rich and best of Negros Occidental. Coincidentally, they also have the same schedule to commence like this year both will have their Opening salvo at 17th of October.

My October may have just begun many things may comes along the way in the coming days, I will just keep this post anytime!

My itchy feet had been resting for sometime, I hope to have even a quick travel just before I seal this month goodbye.

Anyway, Thanks for dropping by mate!