Highschool Graduation: A March to remember

Every time the word graduation passes my ear, a special sensation left me hanging and suspended in that moment as I become nostalgic and lured into my defining moment as a student, my graduation day.

We stand here today on the precipice of the future. It’s not a distant reality anymore. It begins here…

As our guest of honor in our commencement ceremony said that had moved me,  those powerful words were sowed into my mind and now have grown to be my guiding principle as I continue to for my quest in the unwinding, unending and unpredictable trail called life. I have learned the value and essence of education in the lives of humankind at an early age. Being raised and born by an educator, she had made me see a better world with education then on I have inculcated to myself to follow the footstep of my ancestor who had vanquish the darkness of ignorance and took the path of rightfulness and shed the light of wisdom and knowledge to those who are in need. Looking back into the year of innocence , the stage where dreams are made and imagination is a friend. I can see a young dreamer, an ambitious visionary  and tons of wonderful transitional memories from childhood to young adults.



Those time when days are as long as a year, filled with laughter’s and cheers and moments of first heart breaks, failures and disparage and denial. To such extent of unfortunate series of events lead some people to give up  on continuing and pursuing earning their high school diplomas and worst case scenario , they gone into the wilderness and live with it. It is heart breaking yet, it is the reality that forever hunt the future of our motherland, some can escape but never it happen that is none is a victim. The significance of each graduation is intricately elucidated along these lines in elementary, we have learnt the basic essential of our knowledge , foundation of our academic life the ABCs to the plus, minus, divide etc.

As we progress to secondary level, we are progressively welcoming the complicated academic scheme to groom us for the university. Compelling spiel by teachers  sugar-coated with a sparkling and enticing fascination of the higher education in the university. Teachers armored and geared each and single senior high school graduates and a promise of good future in the University.

childhood friends

The best part of high school life is where genuine friendship was founded and established as the cornerstone to our maturity as we continue to venture and explore life, we have found our other behalf to serve as the oasis of our joy in times of trouble and breaking the ice in dull times. Friends also serves us a wise counsel in times of confusion and give a heartily and sincere advises in life. Then, came the culmination of all the labors, we have done. The product of our toil and sweat is just within our hands reached, our high school diploma.The rites had begun, it was more than I expected it would be. Just the thought of graduation itself is larger than life, to in the forefront of our dream as young visionary.

All is set in perfect harmony and symphony, seems it is the perfect day made for us. I can remember vividly the great happiness my parents were at that precise moment, together with the other proud parents during my graduation they were the cheerful audience those smiles cannot be erased and yells of felicitations never fades. I must say, the feeling during this moment is heavenly, sensational and complicated , there is just some magical effect when you are graduating.


Goosebumps  all over you and euphoria , but one thing is for sure, I am blissful and full of delight as it  evident in every photograph I have just like every graduates of my batch. There is more  to the sense of fulfillment  that you felt  but the mere fact that you are moving forward in life equipped with the virtues and doctrines from high school that prepares you as you launches your ship into sea of reality into the University life.

Be humble to flashback the moments that you have been thorough , those sleepless nights, the dried tears and sweats to catch up deadlines , tons of paperwork and assignments for that had shaped you to the person you are today as highschool Senior graduate of this Academic year…

Declares our guest speaker, I am  was amazed, astonished and dumbfounded realizing the realities of the speaker was talking about. Along those  tough, thorny and  difficult times, we can never been so thankful enough to God for endowing us the perseverance, endurance and resiliency to take the up the challenges in this critical years in the secondary education as I said to myself.

The only one thing I am aiming and striving for the past couples of years, earned not in easy way rather in a hard way.  I know my parents or every parent in the hall, were the proudest and happiest person in the world. Witnessing their beloved offspring moving forward in life equipped with the virtues and doctrines from the chosen field of specialization. On the brighter side, I am amazed, astonished and dumbfounded realizing the reality, I was able to make it through and so as everyone.

Before this moment , I reflect a complete basic education that serve as the platform we use to launch ourselves into our futures. To foray the greater obstacles and challenges that call upon us in the higher education in the university. It’s another step forward into reaching ones dream.

Indeed, it’s a march to be remembered the rest of ones life. #