A summer special: Life’s a beach

Summertime again. People are jumping into the bandwagon into places where the social media trends and I just can’t help but notice we are sharing almost the same set of wants. Seems like we share a universal desire to explore  and have a sweet escape from the four corners of our cubicle (at work)  and this season is the high time to do all those things in as the adage goes, “Every summer has its story.”

Since beaches and islands is synonymous with summer let me give you a buck list of some of those I wanted to set foot with. Admittedly, I am a sun-worshiper and I chase every beautiful powdery white sand beaches.Cebu island in the Philippines, alone houses wonders worthy for a visit even a thrifty traveler like me can afford.

Here in the sunny island of Cebu, I have some favorite beaches that I keep on dreaming . Starting off with the pride of the town of Alcoy, the alluring beach of Tingko!



Down the south coastal scenic road of Cebu lies a powdery fine sand beach. It has been a favorite of the locals to cool off from the scorching summer sun. This beach is very accessible by all means as it is located just beside the National Highway down south.

Also you not need have to worry for its entrance fee costing only 10 pesos per head,as the happiness it brings is incomparable. Additionally, island hopping is available in this beach, it comes at an affordable rate of 30 pesos per head. Enjoy cruising under the radiating summer sun and witness the beauty of Alcoy!





Second on my bucket list is another pride of the Southern seas, the famed Basdaku of Moalboal. Seems like the south is endowed with natural beautiful beaches and this place is a paradise for sun lover. It’s crystal clear water is hard to resist .

Moreover, this place is notable for having one of the best underwater world in the Philippines, so if you are in this place never miss diving into its seas or even snorkeling diving is fine. How I wish I can spend a day here just soaking my body.



Here comes the third one, another charmer from the Southern side of the island, Presenting the pristine beach of Lambug from the municipality of Badian.Well-known for aqua sports and being the ultimate summer getaway for most people looking for a perfect place to indulge and enjoy summer season.

Cliché may it sound but I tell you, ” this is a paradise.”  Also, I love the warm localsand the place is simply stunning as both in picture and in reality. The glistening sea is so alluring and the wonders it hold underneath as well. No wonder this is one of the top places for summer for many.

Santander beach Cebu


Following next is the stunner of Santander, the Public beach. The hue of blue seas is to enticing to look at. Travelling down to the last town of the South of Cebu to get to Negros, I am energized every time I see their Public beaches.

They do not have a powdery one just like the other instead they have a pebbly and coaser sand. Further it is also the rarest beach I like ti visit, no fancy thing here just you , the beach and Nature. If you are looking for solitary place with an amazing view of the Negros island this place is for you. A laid back feeling is what this place offer.



Now I am down to the last on my beach wish list. Located in the Midwest north of this tropical paradise of Cebu lies the beach in Tuburan so fascinating its public beach.

I love to travel cheap and I always go to places that’s within my range that gives me memorable travel and satisfaction uncompromised. So when I got this place in the net, it is my eureka moment.

So much of that introduction let’s get into the real deal. The beach in that place features a breath-taking azure hues of the sea contrasted with the vast bright canvass of the sunny sky. The long coast line boast a blend of fine powdery white sand and microbits of coral and shell stones lined with swaying palm trees. The sheer beauty of nature of that place became so mystical especially during the height of the ebb as the cool and soothing waters of the tubod or spring the main attraction and the namesake of the this humble municipality flows and be in union with the warm sea water.

Well back into reality, I am now here again into the comfort of my office chair  blinking my eyes never wanting to believe we now done into fantasizing those thoughts that feeds our mind with aspiration.

But if you look at it, setting a goal or having a bucket list is like you are having something to forward to into the distant future and somehow it will motivate you to do your craft even better or it will be a fuel to keep your driving in every time you work. Isn’t it a good idea?

Enjoy your summer folks! Until my next post then…

Lent season: Traipsing His footsteps

From the far away coast of the Western world, sailed shore to shore to implant and spread a belief that would change and  shape  the world. In this very island, Christianity  cradles its humble begging in this country. Ideologies of  bygone eras enriched the lives even of the contemporary society in the 21st century. In run of time, Philippines has been a sanctuary of a strong Roman Catholic faith. Thus, making Philippines a torch-bearer of faith throughout Asia.

So as in any other religion all over the world, Roman Catholic is guided with doctrines, rituals, teachings and practices.  It was exactly 40 days ago as of the time writing, when the commencement of one special religious activity in the evangelical Christian community. The Lenten season.

At this time of the year, Christians are reminded to refrain from the excessive humanistic doings. It is at this solitary and solitude time , people must relive the teachings and reflect in the life of Jesus Christ.  Philippines as a predominated with a huge Christian populace observe this with much caution and importance not just a practice but a tradition but as a way of life.

Being raised and brought up in Christian home, we practice this with much diligence. Lenten season runs nearly 40 days in the Christian calendar , it usually starts with the ceremonial Ash Wednesday. It is the kick off of the season. The significance of this tradition is to remind people from Bible passage in Genesis 3:19 it goes  “For dust you are and to dust you shall return.” Truly, God wants us to repent the sins committed and must refrain doing so.

During the period of Lent, Christian restrains from consuming meat especially on Friday while others resorts on fasting at least once a week. With this my mom comes up with a very creative adoption of some of the foods we love eating without the fear of committing a sin. As the latter , we observe a no meat on a Friday my mom made sure we still got to enjoy our meal.  For instance, mom knows how to turn a simple dish into something magical just like the one below.



As days transcends, 40 days just flies just like it was just yesterday when it commenced. So as to say, we have reached the last days of the season. We call this Holy Week the time when the climax of this season. Within a week long of activities jam-packed with evangelical flare for Christian community to took part with.

The journey of Holy Week starts with the reenactment of the arrival of Christ in Jerusalem, typically described as most sources would say it was the whole town of Jerusalem townsfolk  welcomes Jesus warmly with young palms laid in street. Conversely, modern people need not to laid those palm fronds rather they usually wave them as the priest bless them.  Superstitions have it that if  you hang it in your front door it will drive away bad spirits and any other forms of demonic minions. Eventually, after a year Church usually collect and burn them to be used in Ash Wednesday that year.


The following day  Holy Monday until Holy Wednesday, everything seems to be usually except that more and more people will often visit the church and spend more time there. Also, foods take are into smaller parts as part of the observation of fasting although this is not a general rule some people does it. Devotees also start doing their penance, which can take on something as simple as fasting or a pilgrimage to holy places, or others choose alms giving as a form of offering.


On a Holy Wednesday , we also attend and join a procession of some minor Saints that took a part in the suffering of Christ in last days in the human world. It is very interesting to witness such kind of event since it features the antique statues in our church and also seeing them in fancy and elaborate clothing and the floral arrange is also something to look after too.

In a Catholic country like ours here, Holy Thursdays and Holy Fridays are considered to be a legal holiday to set a time for people to reflect and observe this important religious activity. One can for instance can do the traditional reading of the Passion of Christ or in Filipino we call this Pabasa. However,  it is a ritual reading the passion of Christ is given a twist, it was during the Spanish regime in the country that friars imposed the decree to incorporate an ingenious form of art like in reading  an epic story. In a chatting rhythmic pattern just like the ones they did during the pre-Hispanic. Typically, it commences on Holy Monday runs from daylight to dusk for two days.

When Maundy Thursday arrived, our family follows a long living legacy of doing every Lent called Visita Iglesia (Seven Churches Visitation).  Basically, we visit different churches around 7 that is near to us and offer a moment to prayer to each one church.

On a Holy Friday, our family gathers and gone to church to hear and witness speeches of different individuals as they deliver their interpretation of the last words of Jesus and relate it to the modern time.  Also, right after that is the Procession of the dead body of Christ this procession is heavily participated by crowd as it analogous to a funeral of our Savior.


A day after is a Black Saturday, we call black Saturday because we are mourning for the death of Jesus. Usually in our family, we do little things at this time but we continue pray or watch movies reflecting Christ life or some Christian dramas that portrays Christian values and morals.

And finally came the happiest day in the Christian community next to Christmas. After the solitary and melancholic mourning then came the jubilant and joyous time. As Jesus had promise he will resurrect and bring the good news. This day is called as Easter Sunday.


Traditionally, this festival highlighted  the resurrection of the newly risen Christ and the first meeting of His bereaved mother Mary. According to the scripture it was dawn when Christ was awake with this the adaptation of this took place in dawn. Pious parishioners gathers together to witness the first meeting of the mother and son. This tradition will showcase a dramatic changing of veil of the mourning Mary, which wears a black veil and will changed by a singing little girls clothes in an angels into white veil to symbolize happiness. Some church held an activity for Easter egg hunting within the Church premises usually in the backyard if they have.

As we end the commemoration of this religious activity, it is with high hopes the fervent faith of each believer is strengthen, renewed and foster to live a life following the footsteps of His master.

As I end this article, let me share my two cents about religion. People may vary in religion but in the end of the day it is not the religion that will save you rather it is your faith that will.


Holy Week, which commemorates the Passion of Christ, begins on Palm Sunday 2016, which falls on March 20, 2016, and includes Holy Thursday 2016 and Good Friday 2016. Holy Week 2016 ends on Holy Saturday 2016, which falls on March 26, 2016.  source: http://catholicism.about.com/


Thank you reading and may you have blessed day ahead!.