When war can be fun. #SmartPHClash

Have you been living under the rock? If so let me give you something big happening this Sunday. yeah you got it right! It’s one of the biggest event gathering for #cocplayers in Visayas.

Playing is never so much fun with friends right? And that is what I like about this game, this had made our friendship even tighter with the right strategy and cooperation, winning is just a piece of cake. My friends and I maybe far from being a pro yet we could be the next big thing , who knows. LOL

So if you are one of the master(s) in this game. This is the perfect venue for you to put your team into a test and bring down the house with a bloody war at  Philippine Clash 2015.

What is at stake for this? Would 2 MILLION pesos enough?You hear it , a whooping 2 MILLION pesos for the winning team.Cool right? By simply playing you got this. Hold on a sec, this event is not only for the players even simply being going there participate in the on-ground activities for a chance to win fun and exciting freebies. And to know the secret  winning strategies of other clan.hehe

If you’re just in the neighborhood this is your time to shine, if you are somewhere parts in   you still have your chance . Here is the schedule for your guidance.


Not too late. If you just heard this one you can still register, here is the link for registration and for more information this link. What are you waiting for? Come and join the fun or if you prefer to stay at home you can play Clash of Clans subscribe to Big Bytes 50 and play with 300MB data, with additional 600MB for access to FOX, iFlix and Spinnr! Text BIG50 to 9999 now!. See you around mates!

Thanks to Smart in collaboration with the country’s biggest names in gaming, including the Philippine eSports Organization, Inquirer eSports, SM Cyberzone, and the Philippine Clash of Clans Battleground.  🙂

Game Changer: MCCI’s Business Month (MBM) 2015


Want to be a game changer? Here is the solution you are looking for.

In time with the celebration of Mandaue Business Month 2015  and Golden Jubilee year of the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce  and Industry.

They are prouldy bringing you, the best and the game changers themselves in Mandaue Business Summit 2015. Considered as leaders of thier respective insdustries , listen direct from the experts.  The Summit is a one day learning event where we invite top caliber speakers to share their knowledge and expertise on business and corporate excellence to help and inspire participants.

This year we have invited the following speakers:
Dr. Bernardo Villegas – Special economics adviser to five (5) Philippine Presidents
Mr. Francis Kong – Businessman, broadcaster, author and inspirational speaker
Dr. Donald Patrick Lim – Chief Digital Officer, ABS-CBN
Mr. Chinkee Tan – Actor, entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker
Mr. Ho Sun Yee – Businessman, soldier, strategist from Singapore
Mr. Kenneth Lingan – Country Manager, Google Philippines

Registration fee (inclusive of snacks, lunch and conference kits):
P1,200 for MCCI members
P1,500 for Non-MCCI members

Happening on August 14, 2015, 9:00 am –5:00 pm at the Oakridge Pavilion, Oakridge Business Park, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu.

For more details, contact the MCCI Secretariat at (032) 343-3491 or (032) 236-8245 and look for Silou Oybenes or April Marie Calvis. For updates, visit www.mandauechamber.org and like www.facebook.com/MCCi1965.

Join us in this Business Summit and learn game changing concepts and strategies that you can apply in your companies and organizations.  (Press Release)


Bon Odori ’15: Japanesse -Fililipino “Let’s Volt in”

Perhaps the kids of the 90’s , can relate to the phrase, “ Let’s Volt in” from the hit anime ,Voltes 5.  For me, Japan produces good animation among Asian country and I think, its safe to say , Filipino loves the anime from Japan. Thus, it bears the tittle for my blog. 😉


Last year marks, the birth a new tradition that fosters the friendship of Philippines and Japan, with a noble goal to help the victims of the tragedies and catastrophes last year, it paved the way for Bon Odori 2014 to be a hit, numbers can speak for itself, a whooping 11 thousand people in attendance who joined the 2 day event.


Because of its succesful bedut, the Philippine and Japanese Exchange Committee brings back a taste of Japanese summer in Queen city of the South, Cebu through “Summer Festival Bon Odori 2015.” The rendezvous  this year is in Family Park , Talamaban , Cebu City,it runs from August 7 to 8, 2015.

The event, for all intents and purposes, ” To let both Filipino and Japanese  people experience the cultural exchange through this wonderful festival. ”  Keeping to its  promise, the event features the best of both worlds. Bon Odori  and Sinulog ,it is similar to All Souls day celebration, which the living pay tribute to the souls. And the famed festival of this island, which is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of the year,repectively.  There is no perfect way to embrace culture than seeing this two together in this one place, isn’t it?


Feast your eyes with the eye-popping colorful Japanese lanterns, suspended in the midair, your senses will come to life with the gastronomic booths and stalls scattered all over the place, unleash the kid in you with the cosplayers, gamely post for a photo-op or even selfies, test your luck with the various Japanese games stations or sing your heart out with the videokes or sing along in the Enka, traditional song.


Filipinos gamely participated in the Japanese traditional dance despite the rain shower, Bon Odori, hearsay has it ,  the purpose of it is to amuse returning ancestral spirits and to send them back on their way. Then, the peculiar throbbing of taiko drums along with the chants of some Japanese word, “Wasshoi!” (BTW I always mispronounce the other way.LOL)    and the crowd was started to stamp their feet it was like a mob led by Japanesse and everyone just jump in and follow the others similiarly when we dance Sinulog(not exactly the same,though)

I think there is no better way to cap the night than lighting up the sky dark sky with colors, yes,  it was an early Febuary-feeling-like seeing the fireworks close and be under it. BTW, it was one of the best pyrotechnic I saw in Cebu. (Sorry , my camera isn’t working right that night and my friend got one any. But surely, if my eyes can speak, it tells no lie.)


Anyway as the night gets longer, the festivities seems never to ceases, generally I love this experience and the little of everything it has and the whatever were they, I like it! The whole thing is an eye opener, it made me realize there is still more of Japan,more than just the  animes , sakuras and gishas. It’s rich and living traditions and practices tops it all, this taste of Japan is something worth looking forward to.


Special thanks to Franz of franzpapatrandomrants for the pictures. 🙂

Charity: Our universal duty

“Our life worth is not our net worth but the impact we have on others.”James Altucher

Looking through my drive, I saw wonderful pictures I have in my archive, I am happy reminiscing those beautiful days. As I  continue to browse further, I saw more interesting pictures , these pictures niether have a famous landmark nor it features a high-end restaurant or anything fancy but it has the most striking pictures among the bunch I have.

It captures the genuine smile of the kids, the joy of the people and the soft side of me. Sometime ago around Yuletide season, the time when most people splurge on buying presents or preparing for a lavish party.  I on the other hand is splurging also not on those I mention earlier rather than on charities, I have committed (I’m really hands-on to this.LOL) together with the help of my friends, we made things possible. 🙂

In time with my blogs anniversary, as I start a new chapter to this outlet I have created a year ago, I want to bring with me the lessons that I learnt from those kids.  To begin with, I will feature the island of Pangan an.

Sailing with love

In our company, there is a Japanese couple, Miki and Tomo, who had been doing a philanthropic acts to an island, a mission they had started a couple of years ago. They are sharing this noble act to everyone, who is willing to lend a hand. They feed and touch lives in the less fortunate island inhabitants located in the outskirts of the Mactan group of islands, the Pangan -an island, it’s an off beaten road to most and I even doubt everyone knew the existence of this island.



Honestly, I faced with deep ambivalence at first but I gave in.  I was moved with their compelling stories and make me want to meet those kids.  So mark that day, I have been anticipating and pure bliss were found.

Cruising going to the island itself has been  a challenge already, I believe. The waves can get wild and angry, yet you shall not be petrified because your desire to help is stronger and bigger than the waves.  

The cute innocent kids warmly welcomed us and it already made my day (The featured picture above). During our sojourn in the island, we reconnected with the kids. We fed, played and taught them, there was no dull moment! All the hours were filled with joy, laughter and unending storytelling. In helping others, it knows no language and race, it was my afterthought at the end of the day.



As the sun tints the canvass sky with shades of tangerine, signaling us to leave the island, sailing with love back to the concrete jungle in the metropolis. Bringing the lessons learnt from the island, is a good day spent. 😉

Angels found

Christmas is for the kids as they said and I believe it is. Thus, our team and I had collaborated with an orphanage whose mission is to be permanent home for the destitute, physically and mentally handicapped children, and receives those with cerebral palsy, autism and Down’s syndrome., Missionaries of the Poor – Cebu.



Situated in Sawang Calero, Pasil, it is a haven for those kids, an asylum for their young dreams and a sanctuary of their precious life. With our willingness to help, in spite of the meager resources from our wallets, little did we realize were able to materialize the visions of compassion, we had aspired for those little angels, we have met both ends.

Seeing those pitiable human beings, smiling back at you is such a joy beyond compare, they need no words to express how they felt, the gravity of emotion is stronger than words could mean and above all, their optimism is unquestionable despite their dire situation. They are seeing the silver lining clearer each daybreak with His unconditional love.



As the day comes to a close, funny may, it seems but those angels found have taught us life long lessons. The best things in life are free after all, the joy in sharing, giving and serving. . Living the practices of Christ and seeing happiness in its purest form and substance.

On a whole, I think charity is a universal duty, each of us have a part to take, a virtue naturally embedded in us as it was said, charity begins at home. In our home, we were first taught the essentials of life, compassion and service are part of it.

It is in our home, we, have grown as a child, we spent our youth and the kid we were once. Thus, we have been exposed so much into this virtue. Let me end this post by saying, Satisfying life purpose doesn’t mean for yourself alone, you might find it with others.

This has been my first anniversary post, never would have thought I could reach. Thank you for sharing this milestone with me.  Cheers!

P. S: I would to extend my gratitude to Miss Krishna  and Miss Chai for providing me these pictures. Salamat! 🙂