The Sherlock Series: Bloody Genius

How funny thyings are now. This old world fancy novel is getting back into the limelight. And people are just hooked into this series.

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Watch out: The G.rebels are out

“The GREEN REVOLUTION has just begun
And I’m on a brand new mission
So spread the word all over the land
Tell everyone you know
All the world is singing along
So let your colors show…” ¬† ~ Judy Leonard ,¬†GREEN REVOLUTION

Hear them out. A shout out from the green rebels.  

Young, driven and committed¬†¬†these are the words best fits the college organizations from University of San Carlos (USC) ¬†and Southwestern University (SWU) ¬†namely ¬†School of Education Council ¬†(SED), ¬†Students’ Electronics Society (SES), Electronics & Communications Engineering Council¬†(ECE) and Philippine Junior Pharmacist Association (PJPA)- SWU Chapter which is part of the 5 million Filipino united to clean up the Philippines.


I remembered¬†a notion from¬†Jena Malone, ¬†”Adolescence isn’t just about prom or wearing sparkly dresses.” It true indeed. During the event, everyone was persistent ¬†despite the inclement ¬†weather that have weathered ¬†out some activities yet¬†the drive to clean and the commitment to clean up the community fueled their desires.

As I got the chance to speak with the different organizations,¬†I am dumbfounded with their opinions and learning as they share their personal experiences. ¬†” It is my first time nga magapil ug ingon ani nga activity aside sa National Service Training Program ¬†(NSTP) ¬†nga activity kani kai national man. ¬†Nalipay ug satisfied ko sa ako natabang kauban ang members sa organization sa SES nga nakita namo nga nahawawan ang hugaw sa dalan. In fact, we have gone beyond our designated place to clean” (It is my first time¬†to join this kind of¬†¬†activity aside sa NSTP since this is a national event. ¬† I am happy and satisfied ¬†of what I have contributed together with the members of the organization sa SES , we are glad to see the streets free from loiters. In fact, we have gone beyond our designated place to clean¬†) shares Arcef Jeremy Festeajo¬†of USC SES. ” ¬†Judy Anne Curnoj adds another SES member, “For me, we are satisfied of what we have done today but deep inside I wish I could have done more. The sense of satisfaction and fulfilment is good especially if you do this activity. She gives everyone a friendly reminder,¬†“Cleaning the whole place¬†isn’t enough to be done only for a day. However, ¬†if ¬†do it regularly like everyday possibly we can achieve it. Every person (in) the community must be responsible for their own mess.” ¬†

Another happy student share her experience, ” It was a fun experience even though the weather is not that nice , it is still a very successful campaign and activity in saving and helping our environment” ¬†concludes Megs Torrefranca from¬†PJPA- SWU. ” It’s (better) to do this activity more often if possible, mas nindot man gud ug daghan kai paspas ug lingaw kai magtinabanganay jud ang tanan.” ¬†(It’s (better) to do this activity more often if possible, ¬†a lot of people will be involved and the more the better, cleaning will be ¬†more fun and efficient because everyone is cooperating¬†)¬†adds a group of SWU Pharmacy students.¬†Meanwhile, some volunteers also airs the mockery to some residents like Azenith Mendaros ¬†of ¬†School of Education Council ¬†(SED), ¬†” We as volunteers are happy to be cleaning and volunteering to clean up the streets and passage ways” ¬†she continues,¬†“Nalain lang mi kai ang ubang tawo sa kai murag ipaapil na ug limpyo ang¬†ilang panimalay sad which is not our task any more”.¬†(¬†We just dismayed with other people because they abusive and mocking us to include their adobe which is not our task any more.) ¬†Also during the event,a group of student prefer to be¬†anonymous¬†airs out their dismay with the local government unit of the barangay, ”there was little support from them considering this is a national event and the city government itself promotes this event yet they failed to participate during the event. They also added,” Even the people in the place is not aware of the event, they knowledge of the event or they choose not to mind either way. The point here is they (LGU) ¬†could have orient the people and coordinated or participated during the event.”¬†


The organizers point of view.

Mr. Reymond Urquia,¬†Philippine Junior Pharmacist Association (PJPA)- SWU Chapter Adviser, ” I myself is an advocate to have a better world to live in and I want to teach my students the importance of responsibilities we owe mother nature.” he ¬†further expands, ” I encourage them to think this way, this campaign is not the earn points or credits to earn but our way of saving the Philippines in our simple way.” ¬†

“Let’s Do It! Cebu is not all about cleaning up and giving back to our environment. It’s (more) of empowering volunteerism and (the) youths itself.”¬†Denxybel Montinola, Regional Coordinator of Let’s Do It! Cebu, a USC, BS Applied Physics – USC student shared.

To me, what is interesting about this campaign is I can see that most of the volunteers are youth an in this early stage of their lives they have understood the importance and value of voluntarism, responsible citizenship and earth stewards. ¬†The move was great and timely, Nature has long overdue issue of pollution, put this an end (it maybe impossible to realize it for newbut I am positive)¬†but for now ¬†let’s elevate this situation with our green missions and commitment.

However,¬†¬†this kind of activity is not only about the youth or to some concern organizations or group of individuals, it calls and needs the support of every human inhabitants of the world, the country, the community and it needs you. As¬†Chief Seattle own words,¬†‚ÄúThe earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth … This we know: Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life: he is merely a strand in it…‚ÄĚ It was a good start and I personally is looking forward for the upcoming ones.



Our National team, Regional Coordinators and Eco Leaders will be working together with National Agencies, Non Profit Organizations, Local Government Units, and Civil Society Organizations for the preparation of our 2nd National Clean-up Day on Sept 17, 2016 (3rd Sat of Sept) ~ source:

For more info visit their website :
Let’s Do It! Philippines:
Facebook :
Facebook account:  Let’s Do It! Asia and Oceania :
Let’s Do It!World :
Photo credits to these amazing people I met during the event. Thanks guys! ūüėČ
Megs of SWU  and Ivy Limpangog of USC РSES

COME-otes : The Lost Horizon in the South series

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” ~¬†Francis Bacon

This is it! The picturesque welcome of Camotes!

“Where is ¬†the¬†Lost Horizon of¬†the South ?”¬† a question that baffled me,¬†then, an¬†answer came, Camotes group of islands.¬†It’s one of Cebu’s well-kept paradise that is just in¬†the¬†next door.¬†It’s¬†an approximately, four-hour trip both the land and sea, starting in the North Bus Station Cebu going to Danao city sea port via RORO from Danao city to Consuelo , Camotes island, respectively.¬†To add as Henson of Boywander ¬†own words. “Camotes is a must-go-to place that had been underrated and ¬†doesn‚Äôt ¬†get the credit it deserves.”

With enough information, my friends and I are now set  to go a weekend getaway so I grab my bag and my friends on the go:  Marian , Reggie, Corina  and Levi Lyn and  persuaded a  Negresse friend Alvin to come over to Cebu and drag another friend named Sam.Rounding up a total of 7 island explorers with two days and a night of island escaped in the lost horizon.

The early morning bus trip and cruising was almost over and the scenes before me took my-not-so-fresh-breath away,giggles. We are now approaching the island,a picturesque scenery welcomes you.


Upon arrival,a flock of¬†multicab drivers came and offer their services. With our haggling skills (insert CHARisma) we are able to seal a¬†well-compromised deal for our whole stay though¬†it was driven in hard bargain, it was a reasonable price, I believe. LOL ūüėÄ

Evidently Camotes way of life is unhurried, if not serene.  It was the first thing I have noticed as we start to jaunt in this humble island.

Breath taking. Camotes way of life is unhurried, if not serene.

The first stop we had is in their Baywalk.This is like the center of commerce so if you are looking for something for clothes, foods, water and so on before proceeding to the  island tour make sure to drop by here. They also have some dinning stalls so if need to buy some foodies on the go.

Initially not part of our itinerary but we find it cute so we had a stop at Poro town hall for a courtesy call from the mayor.LOL Just kidding.

Anyway, this town hall was¬†established in 1982.This is along the way so you can just drop off for an instant photo op.Here is ours ūüėČ

Came next is a little far as we are heading off to the next town of Tudela, the home of the  Bukilat Cave.

A brief history about the cave, its name got from the discoverer of the cave and during the World War 2, it served as a hiding place and a shelter to the villagers.

Now, it’s the towns premiere¬†tourist destination. Its inviting cool brackish pool added with¬†the interesting rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites casted with natural light from the caves windows created a quaint effect. Locals and tourist alike can enjoy swimming and cooling off here especially during the hot days.

After the cave, we go up to Barangay General in Tudela to visit Busay waterfalls.

It was a humid day and a refreshing deep in a cool water can surely beat the heat. Hurriedly, we have trailed the pavements leading to the waterfalls.

Yet  as we continue to amble we noticed a dying river  and felt like we might be lost as our guide said you can hear the falls riotous sound. We could not hear the dripping of falls but there was no other trail . As we come to close to the falls, this is what we saw.

TBH it was a little disappointing anyhow why¬†I let this little disappointment¬†ruined the whole trip? Take it on the bright side, perhaps it’s another way of saying you better come back here.¬†Nevertheless, we make lemonade out of lemons as it goes we have¬†thrown ourselves into it cool water of the pool it was fun and refreshing after all.

After we head off to Buho Rock in Poro.

This place is famous cliff diving and  some of my friends and I take up the challenge. The sea is gleaming horizon is so enticing and we are tempted and we did it!  It was one of best 5 seconds of my life.LOL

Must try. Buho Cliff diving. We just did it!

If you can not dare to cliff jump you can go down the sea with the slide or go by  stairs in the side and enjoy basking in the beach.  Here is our moment there .

Comes next is another cave in Camotes, Timubo Cave. 

What I like about this place is that the cave is alive, you can see the moist from its cavern glitters as it is stroke with a light. It also has a pool inside which is said to be miraculous.

Down to our second to the last spot for our first day, the largest lake in Central Visayas, Lake Danao.

The The Lake is charming and with various recreational activities you can you around the place. They also have restaurants and bar for refreshments and beverage. You can also do kayaking alone or with some friends in the various boats.

In our part we plan to ride the “Sakanaw” to have a scenic cruise around the lake. However, we came there late afternoon and the operators were unavailable. So we end up , having pictorial and snacks in their picnic area instead.

As the sun chases the horizon, we also is now going to our last destination  Keshe resort . Our resort is  situated in Bakhaw beach, one of the white sand beach in the island. We reached there at sunset just in time and have our day sealed with a hearty dinner.  It had been day jam-packed with activities and destinations .

Also, I love the fact it so secluded and we are the only people there. I feel like owning the whole place the whole time. Cool!

At the end of the day there is no better way to cap a long day than just idyllic kill your time laying in the sand gazing at the stars and enjoy the fresh oriental breeze of the sea with a cold beverage at hand. Still thinking why called this paradise a lost horizon.  Stay tuned for more for my sequel. #

P.S: Thanks Sam for the sharing these wonder photos.

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[UPDATED] Sugbo Mercado: the first and the biggest weekend food and lifestyle market in Cebu


I know weekend plans have been fix well just in case there is still a room for a change then you can consider this one or to anyone out there still figuring out how spend thier ¬†weekend. Perhaps visiting Cebu IT park could be a good destination. Here’s why? ūüėČ

Sugbo Mercado Weekend Food and Lifestyle Market finally opens on September 25 -26, 2015! Starting with fifty food and lifestyle product providers, Sugbo Mercado will be the first and the biggest year-round weekly food and lifestyle market in Cebu!

Located on a wooded, grassy knoll at the corner of Geonzon and Villa Streets (beside Avida Showroom Office) in IT Park, Sugbo Mercado is proud to partner with Cebu Holdings Incorporated. We bring together the best of the best of Cebu as well as budding new entrepreneurs in the local food & lifestyle products industry to showcase their products in a tour de force of local pride.

Joining us for our launching weekend are our co-presentors: the biggest global brand in online classifieds, OLX Philippines; the purveyor of the Philippine Experience, The Islands Group¬†and Digitel Mobile Philippines’ Sun Cellular.

“Kung dili na gamiton, ibaligya na” goes OLX Philippines’ tagline as it allows the exploration of the old saying that goes, “one man’s discard is another’s treasure.” Say, “Yesss, yaman!” at onsite pickups or swap meets, get free discount coupons from OLX to use at participating Sugbo Mercado tenants and catch OLX’s brand ambassador, Jewel, perform live onstage!

Sugbo Mercado goes local all the way to our entertainment with opening night performances by fresh, independent Cebuano talents. David Wilde X Zeejacob headlines the lineup with Jameson Tenorio and Smurf. Now Brisbane-based, international hoops sensation Celi Toledo drops in to spin. Rising hiphop star JID Durano‘s music video for his latest single “Issues” goes on a second local public release with a feature performance by the man himself.

Initially operating on Fridays and Saturdays between 4PM to 2AM, Sugbo Mercado would also be an alternative open-air events space catering to corporate or product launches and roadshows on top of regular in-house entertainment activities like food showdowns, bands, shows, and other promotions.

Sugbo Mercado is also sponsored by the easiest way to order online from over 500 restaurants, foodpanda. foodpanda officially launches at Sugbo Mercado later in the month with a lineup of their restaurant-partners present. Catch the foodpanda Panda mascot live as he brings fun, prizes and surprises!

For inquiries, contact 09173088876 or message us at facebook/sugbomercado.

See you all at Sugbo Mercado! 


The organizers have decided to push back for a week because of the unfavorable weather but still in the same place and time.