Philippines’ First Horror Park with Laser Tagging opened in Parkmall

Ber months is here and Halloween is just right around the corner. So who wants an early trick or treat here? If you do Parkmall has the answer. This highly anticipated Halloween event in Cebu is back with a twist and bang!

Yes, you heard it right with a TWIST and BANG. This eco-friendly mall is now making waves to Halloween entertainment and amusement as it raises the bar to the next level. Being the only mall in Cebu to have a horror booth, Parkmall continues its yearly Halloween tradition with another first, not just in Cebu, but in the entire country.

For only Php 50 you can enjoy a state-of-the-art Horror Survial Park experience at Parkmall Survival Park

This year, Parkmall has partnered with LaserBlitz to give Cebuanos a unique horrifying experience inspired by the popular zombie-themed movies and TV series. The province of Cebu proud to have the countrys’ first ever Horror Park with Laser Tagging under its  roof.  

Hundreds of thrill-seekers and brave souls lined up for during the launching.

It was officially opened on October 9, 2015 dubbed as “Parkmall Survival Horror Park.” Hundreds of thrill-seekers and  brave souls lined up for during the launching to experience fighting back with the creepy attacking zombies using the state-of-the-art laser tagging. It was thrilling and exciting way to feel the upcoming Halloween season and practise those hidden shooting ability. 

The door that leads into the maze with the zombies.

Take note of this:

  • A maximum of four people can enter per game. 
  • Each will wear the vest with an attached phaser gun.
  • In each group entry, whoever gets the highest score will receive a FREE pass to the regular LaserBlitz game*
  • Entrance fee is only at Php 50/ person.
  • A brave soul to dare fight the zombies
  •  Prizes to claimed at the LaserBlitz reception area right after the group exits.
All smile. They’ve survived. Happy and Satisfied braved souls.

So, what are you waiting for? Tag your friends and families and have fun, shooting the zombies and win prizes for yourselves too. I had fun and definitely will be coming back for more.

The Survival Horror Park opens from 1pm to 9pm daily starting October 9 until November 8, 2015. It is located at LaserBlitz, 2nd floor. For more details, visit to Parkmall’s Facebook page,, or log on to 

The Impossibility of Building a Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is exhausting, but potentially rewarding. It requires maintenance on all fronts, social media and IRL. Is it tenable for the average human being?

Source: The Impossibility of Building a Personal Brand

Teachers’ Happy and Healthy Day in Cebu with Cory Quirino

I am a guru while lolo was a guro  (I am a guru while grandpa was a teacher)”  happily shares trimedia personality and the proud grand-daughter of  the late Philippine President Elpiedio Quirino, Cory Quirino.

Speaking before a crowd of  Cebuano teachers at SM City Cebu recently on Saturday. The 125th natal anniversary centers its theme on the teaching career of the former president, who once been in public service career as a barrio (rural) school teacher. The event dubbedTeachers’ Happy and Healthy Day with Cory Quirino, is series of  the mall tour  all over the country  made possible by The President Elpidio Quirino Foundation.

The event was well attended by educators coming from the different walks of life. Making  it a dynamic , active and interesting audience for this momentous event spearheaded by Cory Quirino and the foundation. It  was  an afternoon jam-packed with activities  it includes Zumba which everyone had gamely participated with Miss Cory on the lead.

Then, several talks from topics ranging from the nutritional counseling,health management to legal assistance which the foundation had invited to answer queries and making the process convent for the beloved teachers.

Teachers dolled up. Make up transformation participants.

To add to the excitement, a  trivia is held about President Quirino’s life  and achievements that sure had surprised all the attendees. There was also a generous flow of prizes for the most active attendees.

The forever young Cory talks about her fountain of youth, Wellness.

Not only that,  everyone also had the chance to know the fountain of youth  and secret of  the forever young Cory as she talked about it in her session. “The foundation of beauty is good health. The secret to being beautiful is being healthy,” she said. “ If you think you are beautiful the mind and all other body organs will feel the same. So, start thinking positively. As it is said beauty come from within.” She shares the beauty regimen of keeping that glow. 

Laughter is the best medicine. Paolo Trinidad conducts Laughter Yoga at SM city Cebu

The part that I personally enjoyed,  the most was laughter yoga by  Paolo Trinidad. He by the way is Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and the founder of Pinoy Laughter Yoga with over 7 years of clinical experience helping people. Literally  the atrium  was filled with  boisterous laughter from he he he to ha ha ha.  As Mr. Trinidad said, “ Despite being cliché that laughing is the best medicine, it is true if done in a proper way.

Laugh your problem away.

So everyone just did as  what the expert said. He also gave a handfuls of ways to start the day right with a perfect laugh especially to teachers saying “teaching can sometimes be exhausting and stressful” he relates,  ” You can just laugh your problems away.”

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and the founder of Pinoy Laughter Yoga

There was no dull moment during the gather , all is glad and ecstatic. You really see the joy and genuine smile in the every participants faces as Mr. Trinidad ends his session.

Teachers enjoying a sweet and healthy treat from Yogorino.

Also there have been stalls and booths around the event center to cater every needs of the teachers from foods , healthy drinks up to make over and head and scalp consultation.  The crowd also went wild as the father of the city Mr. Mike Rama paid a visit in the venue and rendered a song for everyone.

The father of the city Mr. Mike Rama paid a visit

The “Guro to pangulo”  (from teacher to president)  series of national in honor of sixth president of the country, Quirino was born on Nov. 16, 1890. This year by far is the biggest in over Nine cities this year by far is the biggest said Cory. However, the grandest celebration would take off on the exact day at the hometown of the former president in Vigan City.  She also reveals that the remains of the president will soon be transferred next year in The Libingan ng Mga Bayani. #

Follow them in  social media accounts or visit them in their  official website:

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ECOUTURE: Tropico – Green Fashion in Paradise tops Green Fashion Revolution 2015

Green Fashion Revolution is an intercollegiate environmental fashion

”Inspiring creativity while raising environmental awareness among the youth sector… (and) providing a platform to demonstrate their capability to create a sustainable fashion” ~ Sonny Carpio , Aboitiz Foundation Chief Operating Officer

Staging the 4th Edition of the Green Fashion Revolution by Aboitiz Group  had drawn the attention and inculcate environmental awareness among the participants, the youth and the society in general. Bannering this year’s theme “ECOUTURE: Greener Design for a BetterWorld.” Vying schools this years competition are Cebu Institute of Technology – University (CIT-U), University of the Philippines (UP) Cebu,  University of San Carlos -(USC) Talamban Campus  and a new kid in the block, University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR).

From the trash into the runway. A repurposed material of an estimated 200 kilo as raw materials were used

Driven with the mission to bring together the youth sector from colleges and universities to make the green revolution happen via the fashion design as platform to effectively promote proper waste management. To embody and  to promote the  3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle of waste management as highlighted in the green fashion competition.  This year’s run, the designers have repurposed an estimated 200 kilo of waste material from various Aboitiz business units as raw material for this runway.

Sonny Carpio, Aboitiz Foundation Chief Operating Officer said  ”Inspiring creativity while raising environmental awareness among the youth sector… (and) providing a platform to demonstrate their capability to create a sustainable fashion”

Words of wisdom from the Aboitiz Foundation Chief Operating Officer Sonny Carpio emphasis, “sustainability mindset that we can do well by doing good, always making the right long-term decisions that balance the interests of people, planet and profit.”  He ends his with this thoughtful line,  “This (event) provides a platform that recognizes and celebrates talent and ingenuity that pushes environmental agenda for young Cebuanos.”

UP of Cebu, the defending winner opens the competition

UP Cebu’s complete collection for this years runaway competition.
One of my favorite ensemble from this years winner. The simplicity makes this edgy. 
OOTD from CIT -U.  Isn’t it OOTD worhty for beach or any casual event ?
Scene stealer from USC’c collection.

USC’s collection.This years’ 1 runner up.

The aspiring fashion designers underwent a basic fashion design workshop conducted by top Cebu couturier Dexter Alazas.  All entries have also undergone prejudging from clothing, footwear and accessories  as part of the process to screen the best collections.

A newbies entry from USJR’s collection

Metamorphoses is this years 3rd runner up theme.

Prices at stake during the event, a set of awards are Best Clothing Design, Best Accessories Design, Best Bag Design and Best Footwear Design .

UP’s entry won the Best in Bag Design award.

The best in Clothing Design went to CIT- U
Best in Accessories award is also bagged by UP Cebu

The chance to take home a unique and ingenious plaques specially crafted for the event. More importantly, the winning team will have the chance to make a difference in today’s society by implementing a project that focuses on education, environment, enterprise development and a heath and well-being of their adopted community for this socio-enviromental project supported by the Aboitez Foundation.

The winning designs were chosen by a distinguished panel of  fashion incline individuals and green environment advocate which have the toughest job in the evening. Finally, we have come to the moment of truth, the announcement of results.

USJR landed 3rd runner up
UP Cebu ranked 2nd runner-up
USC’s LGBT landed 1st runner-up
This years winner , CIT – U

The defending winner UP Cebu comes second runner up this year as CIT-U reaps this years top plum.  On the other hand, USC -Talamban Campus placed 1st runner-up while USJR landed  3rd runner -up. Previous winners were from  Cebu Institute of Technology – University  (CIT-U) 2012 and Cebu Normal University (CNU)  2013.  Here is the full list of winner in each category this year. 

Minor Awards:

  • Best in Clothing Design: Cebu Institute of Technology – University
  • Best in Accessories and Bag Design: University of the Philippines – Cebu
  • Best in Footwear: University of San Carlos – Talamban

Major Awards:

  • 3rd runner up : Universirty of San Jose Recoletos ( USJR)
  • 2nd runner up : University of the Philippines (UP) Cebu
  • 1st runner up : Universirty of San Carlos (USC) Talamban Campus
  • Winner:  Cebu Institute of Technology – University  (CIT-U)

This years winning team portrays the natural landscapes and tropical scenery of Cebu says Jordan Bayot, one of the designers. He also share, the team is pushing for ecotourism  in the province. Thus, they named their collection, Tropico – Green Fashion in Paradise.  The collection is  made from tarpaulins, flour sacks and a variety of recycled plastic items.

Tropico – Green Fashion in Paradise winning team

The Green Fashion Revolution is an intercollegiate environmental fashion show held at SM City Cebu on September 26, 2016. It is a competition that showcases the eco-friendly designs of Cebu’s young designers. It’s an annual event is the brainchild of a group of Aboitiz scholars during the Aboitiz Scholars’ CSR Summit in December 2011 and was first staged on 2012.  Indeed, it a momentous and a successful event,  nurturing and celebrating the future of our fashion industry through green fashion with our aspiring designers influenced by the green advocay.Now, let’s look forward for a 5th cycle next year.Cheers! #