3 strong reasons Airbnd pairs with PLDT

“Sometimes traveling we miss home, yet good thing is there is always a home away from home

Your travel dates are set but all the hotels are fully booked. That’s gotta be a bummer but no need to worry because Airbnb got you covered.

First, A home for everyone at Airbnd

Being the world’s largest community-driven hospitality company, Airbnb allows home owners to list their houses online to be searched and rented by travellers. For roughly eight years, this San Francisco-based and trusted community marketplace has given people chances to discover and book unique accommodations around the globe. Tourists, both local and foreign, who are looking for an apartment for a night, a mansion for a week, or even an igloo for a month are guaranteed a place to stay in. Airbnb connects people to a unique travel experience and a home away from home.

Second, 3 simple steps to use Airbnd

This is how it works with Airbnb:

First, find hosts with extra rooms or even an entire house.

Second,connect with the hosts to inquire for availability on your travel dates and if everything goes well, paythrough Airbnb’s trusted services.

Lastly, travel! Aside from a comfortable and unique staycation, connectivity is a must for travellers.

Fast and reliable internet connection is an important amenity most guests look for. PLDT HOME, the country’s leading broadband and digital services provider, together with Voyager Innovations and in partnership with Airbnb offers exclusive broadband package to Airbnb hosts who want to enhance their guests’ travel experience. This partnership was announced in a press event held in an Airbnb enlisted luxury villa in Busay, Cebu City.

Third, Strong partnership with PLDT

Airbnb hosts who made a smart move in switching to PLDT HOME’s package availed an exclusive and compelling internet service. Subscribers get 50% off on their PLDT HOME DSL subscription plus a speed boost for one year along with free installation and WiFi modem. On the other hand, the guests get to enjoy not just strong connection within the premises but can also avail of a Smart Bro Pocket Wifi that they can bring anywhere during their stay for seamless data connection. On top of that, guests can have access to world-class entertainment, blockbuster movies, and hit TV series through iflix and Fox International channels.

Word of mouth from Airbnd homeowners

PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali said that these packages are specially designed to encourage PLDT HOME subscribers to explore additional income generating opportunities as Airbnb hosts. “As a PLDT HOME DSL subscriber, you can offer unique value-added services to potential guests such as high-speed portable internet connectivity and an array of multimedia entertainment options from our content partners, most notably iflix and Fox,” he added.

You can be one of them! Rent out almost any type of lodging space – from rooms, a house, an apartment, or even a castle!#

About Airnbnd

Founded in 2008, Airbnb is currently available in over 190 countries and in more than 34,000 cities worldwide. There are nearly two million listing available with more than 65 million travellers who havebooked it for trips.

About   Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, commonly known as PLDT, is the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines.PLDT will be the preferred full service provider of voice, video and data at the most attractive levels of price, service quality, content and coverage, thereby bringing maximum benefit to the Company’s stakeholders.

Hermit’s cove: A son of the beach home

 “The beach has been a second home to me. The gurgling sea waves whispers whimsical thoughts, the horizon takes you to go beyond into its deep mystical deep.” ~ Son of the beach


It was a sunny Saturday the glaring sun is at its brightest when we arrived the The sand soothes the aches of every toes, the breeze chased off worries and stress away.  Lastly, the sea hugs you with warmness and caress. Oh well it just all attributes a mother is like and should be. Thus, I am son of the beach without a doubt!

Still drunk in amazement of the Bojo river, we proceeded to a secluded destination in the sleepy town of Aloguinsan. So we’ve been told by the locals  that the way to the said beach can long, tiring, scary and can be a bit dare devilish in sort off.  Fear not my travel buddies are built of metal and was born for adventures (kidding) just got the daring guts.  It  is indeed a rough ride we ‘ve been. Imagine going passed the rolling hills and cliffs also with loose stones under the scorching sun.

The fact that we are nearing the destination,  after that 20 0r 30 minutes hell drive we’ve been. All the sweat and  paid off.  The break taking view of the coast elated my depleted enthusiasm.  Upon arrival, you are place in a vantage point to see the best part of it. The Tanon straight, the sea between Cebu the Negros island. It’s glaring and glistening in midday is enticing to look at. Finally, we are here now at The Hermit’s Cove!

Fast Fact:  Hermit’s cove got its name to the unrecorded account that  there is once a hermit used to live in this cove in days forgotten and thrives on living from blessings of the sea and the mountains.

Once I set foot of the place, I feel I am it feels like I have returned home. At glance , you can see a birds view of the coast make you want to jump to get into the beautifully hued sea of  deep blues, tortoise and the clear. The grand wooden staircase  impressed me. My heart is leaping out with excitement.  It is also boarded with the imposing emerald cliff , “its picture perfect” as the cliché goes. I love the contrasted effect of the vegetation of the cliff and the playful azure sea.

Hurriedly, we are now at the white sand beach of Hermit’s cove. The swaying coconut trees gives the tropical feel of the place. There was much crowd already since it’s a weekend. Families , friends and travelers are everywhere. The boisterous laughter competes with the gentle splashes of the waves nonetheless sets the mode for festivity.

As my friends and I take a stroll in the beach, we have all have agreed that the place is well run. From the organized zoning and use of space. For instance the grilling stations were put in the back side, strategic placement of cottages and etc all is under control. To add,  protected marine sanctuary well taken care .  Though they’re  still on the process of having it perfect, I can see the potential success of their management. Kudos to Kantabogon Eco-Tourism Association (KEA) !

Seeing other people frolicking under the sun envies me , its like a mother calling his son . So without much adieu, I rush into the sea and it feels heavenly to be back under my mothers warm careless. The saline tang of the sea is like a kiss of a mother to his son. It was warm, sincere and satisfying. Amazingly the water is mirror like clearness. Like you can see everything under you from the tiny school of fishes, some coral reefs and even a sea grass. Need not to drive to see whats underneath but definitely if you go deep you’ll see more, I said myself.  A funfair of barbecued aromas drifted towards me making hungry so I rose out of the water and grab something in the kiosk.

While enjoying the idyllic setting of our kiosk ,seeing this hidden gem of Aloguinsan. It made me realize how lucky this people in this side of the province.  They can  enjoy this place unspoiled, exploited and commercialized at their own convenience. This  place could the next big thing the province of Cebu without compromising it. It is what I hoped for because this can really draw tourist from the four corner of the world.


As the hours goes faster than the usual and  the clouds starts drifting apart.  I have to bid goodbye to the my mother once again with a heavy heart. As soon as I get off the shore and start hitting the road back into the concrete jungle of Cebu metropolis. I reminded myself that ” I am son the beach and I will see my mother the soonest.”#

Here is the rest of our moments there:


Getting there:

  • Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City . Look for a bus direct going to Aloguinsan or take the alternative routes: Toledo City, Car car City or Pinamungahan.  I choose the latter. Average travel time is approximately two hours. It’s also available by V-hire (van for hire) however I haven’t tried yet.
  • From Pinamungahan we stop by their market and ride a tricycle going to Aloguinsan. It’s about 15 – 20 minutes ride.
  • When you are in the Municipality of Aloguinsan, you can approach some habal-habal (charter bike) to take you to Hermit’c cove or Kantabugon cove. It’s 20 -30 minutes ride away.
  • Once in the place,  you will be greeted with the tourism officer and guide you into the holding area to have brief orientation. I’ll take you about more or less 5 minutes. As soon as its over, you can now start going down.


  1. Transportation:  Php 297.00
  • From home (jeepney) going to Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) = Php 7.00
  • From CSBT to Pinamungahan = Php 70.00
  • From Pinamungahan to Alonguinsan = Php 50.00
  • From town to Hermit cove =Php 50.00
  • FromHermit cove to town = Php 50.00
  • From Aloguinsan to Cebu city =  Php 70.00
  1.  Entrance and Cottage rates : Php 50.00
  • Entrance + Open Cottage:  Php50/head for day use
  • Entrance + Open Cottage + Overnight : Php 100 (small group 8- 10)
  • Entrance + Open Cottage + Overnight : 200/head (big group 10- up)
  1. Food:
  • In our case we opted to bring our own food for our lunch. 🙂

Grand Total: Php 347.25  / person 


  1. You can call or ask  Kantabogon Eco-Tourism Association (KEA) contact number : 09235042066 or through Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office Telephone number :  469 9312 or message the Munincipal tourism officer directly at nonella.villegas@aloguinsan.gov.ph
  2. Leave from Cebu as early as possible.
  3. Wear light and comfortable clothing.
  4. Do not forget to bring sun screen.
  5. Prepare ample cash because ATM is hardly available.

If you want to ask something please feel free to reach us in Facebook at masterryo .We would be glad to be of help. 🙂

* Prices and conditions are quoted as of the press time . Changes may apply without due notice.