A little of Me

Hello there!

Welcome to my little space in this wide , vast and multifaceted blogosphere.

I am Ryo by choice and Ram by birth, still at the age of learning and maturing . Hailed from the hinterland of archipelagic Philippines, simplicity is my best weapon.  I am a slave of wanderlust and a master of theft travel and pegging out.

This blog was created to be an avenue and outlet of suppress thoughts to unleash  with. I like exploring , getting lost, learning and a whole lot of things, though I know I can  not be a master of all trade but I can  be a master of trying, failing and succeeding. I guess.

Blogging is new to me with this I still needs guidance and refinement so please help with this new world, I am entering fellow bloggers, please?

Also,  thank you for dropping by or coming by accident or whatever means.  I love to read other blogs and to interact with other writers – so please do feel free to comment or drop me an email:  cckuizon@gmail.com or follow me here.

To top it all, I am glad you came!  Carpe diem mate!


Yours truly,  master.ryo



3 thoughts on “A little of Me”

  1. Liked when you said you can´t be a master at everything but a master a trying, failing and succeeding. I believe all the great people have done it in that order in order to succeed. And success I believe is measured by each individual on his or her terms. Each of us is different and unique so what is terrible important or terrible hard for some for others it´s easy and viceversa.

    You have a great blog, and this wordpress outlet is a great way to express yourself which you do very good and it is also I have found to be a great community of people by enlarge.

  2. Good day,

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    I’m not sure if you’ve covered those places already but we would like to ask if you can feature us in your blog? We can offer you free trips if you haven’t tried our service yet or if you already have a blog about it, we are hoping that you can include our details in it.

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    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks so much.

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