#LovePhilippines: A campaign to show love for the Filipinos

For the love of the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines  Google team  Philippines launches today its year-long social media campaign called #LovePhilippines in time for National Heroes Day to inspire Filipinos to discover more about the country and our culture and fuel their love for the Philippines.

Google Philippines will post #LovePhilippines content on their social media channels to put a spotlight on the heritage of the Filipinos. The posts will include, but are not limited to, moments of triumph in history, interesting stories behind acclaimed Filipinos and their achievements, trivia on uniquely Filipino norms, and a quick tour of hidden gems in the country using different Google products like Search, Street View, YouTube, and materials from Google Cultural Institute.

#LovePhilippines campaign. (c) Google
#LovePhilippines campaign. (c) Google

#LovePhilippines: A campaign to show love for the Filipinos

The campaign kicks off with a post featuring a unique pinoy dessert that was Jose Rizal’s favorite, minatamis na santol.  Apart from learning something new about our national hero, Filipinos will also get to prepare the treat by watching a YouTube video tutorial.

The campaign aims to show love for Fililipinos and share with pride the positive things about our country on social media and introduce the wonderful aspects of the Philippines and its people to non-Filipinos so they can appreciate the culture more.

Philippines National hero Jose Rizal's eating his favorite dessert minatamis na santol.
Philippines National hero Jose Rizal’s eating his favorite dessert minatamis na santol.

#LovePhilippines aims to inspire Filipinos

As part of Google’s commitment to equip Filipinos with information that are relevant to their lives, Google put together the campaign to show netizens that there are easily accessible materials online using #LovePhilippines that they can use to boost the morale of fellow Filipinos and inspire others to take pride on the many remarkable characteristics of the Philippines.

“We hear things said about the Philippines or the Filipinos, but there are plenty of beautiful facts about us that are easily searchable online. We want to bring out these information so that people will be inspired to show the world that the Philippines is a fast developing country with a rich history and colorful culture. Filipinos are innately inspiring, and we look forward to spreading more love for the Philippines in the days to come,” said Gail Tan, Google Philippines Head of Communications and Public Affairs.

You can follow Google Philippines on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to +1 or Like, reshare or retweet #LovePhilippines posts.

Befriended a Lumad (Native) in Davao. #LovePhilippines
Befriended a Lumad (Native) in Davao. #LovePhilippines

Disclaimer: This is a Press Release from Google Philippines

15 thoughts on “#LovePhilippines: A campaign to show love for the Filipinos”

  1. About time a campaign to show love for the Philippines is done. After all the bad news and let’s face it, media has sensationalized the negatives (as they always do because that is what sells), the campaign is something positive for a change.

    Once again, Google shows how it helps and not simply to keep profiting, but doing so in a positive manner that affects the lives of people.

  2. Good guy google has always been doing something for the people. I love how they’re into business but is still trying to give back to the society. Love Philippines though sounds like more of travel slogan to me. Hehe. Just like It’s more fun in the philippines. But whatever, what’s important is their campaign for the love for the country. A good example and role model for everyone.


  3. I believe it’s the perfect time to start a campaign like this especially with what’s happening in our country right now. Mutual respect is starting to get lost day by day and we seem more divided than ever because of the current political issues. 🙁

  4. This is such a great campaign by Google; they do come up with good things sometimes. It’s about time your country gets some love, respect and attention.

  5. What a nice gesture by google! It’s such a lovely campain. Every time I see something related to the Philippines I just want to visit there more! Hopefully I’ll be doing that soon. 🙂

  6. I love the idea of this campaign. What with all the influences of the foreign countries to the Philippines and with all the issues our country is facing right now, some Filipinos might find it hard to love the Philippines. Two thumbs up for Google for initiating this campaign. I hope it will awaken something in our fellow Filipinos!

  7. I love this campaign. It just shows how Google aims to take care of its Filipino consumers. I also love how the artworks were incorporated. I hope to see more of these campaigns (from other brands and companies) in the future.

  8. This is a great campaign! I would love to participate in this. I will be more mindful of my IG posts and will use this hashtag also. I’m excited to join this!

  9. Wow! How I wish this campaign started from a fellow Filipino as whether this campaign exists or not, as a citizen of this country, we should #LovePhilippines. Anyway, Google did a great job with this one. I never knew about minatamis na santol and that it’s a fave of Jose Rizal. Makes me want to look in Google on how that is made. It’s also great to be inspired so I hope this does encourage Filipinos to #LovePhilippines first before other countries. Thanks for sharing about this information 🙂

  10. I have to be honest, I have never heard about this. Do I live under a rock?! It’s great that Google is doing something, and that you are spreading more awareness! It made me aware. 🙂

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