When war can be fun. #SmartPHClash

Have you been living under the rock? If so let me give you something big happening this Sunday. yeah you got it right! It’s one of the biggest event gathering for #cocplayers in Visayas.

Playing is never so much fun with friends right? And that is what I like about this game, this had made our friendship even tighter with the right strategy and cooperation, winning is just a piece of cake. My friends and I maybe far from being a pro yet we could be the next big thing , who knows. LOL

So if you are one of the master(s) in this game. This is the perfect venue for you to put your team into a test and bring down the house with a bloody war at  Philippine Clash 2015.

What is at stake for this? Would 2 MILLION pesos enough?You hear it , a whooping 2 MILLION pesos for the winning team.Cool right? By simply playing you got this. Hold on a sec, this event is not only for the players even simply being going there participate in the on-ground activities for a chance to win fun and exciting freebies. And to know the secret  winning strategies of other clan.hehe

If you’re just in the neighborhood this is your time to shine, if you are somewhere parts in   you still have your chance . Here is the schedule for your guidance.


Not too late. If you just heard this one you can still register, here is the link for registration and for more information this link. What are you waiting for? Come and join the fun or if you prefer to stay at home you can play Clash of Clans subscribe to Big Bytes 50 and play with 300MB data, with additional 600MB for access to FOX, iFlix and Spinnr! Text BIG50 to 9999 now!. See you around mates!

Thanks to Smart in collaboration with the country’s biggest names in gaming, including the Philippine eSports Organization, Inquirer eSports, SM Cyberzone, and the Philippine Clash of Clans Battleground.  🙂

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